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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Starr Standard

The Carpetbagger Report >> Blog Archive >> The Starr standard: "Seven years ago, Ken Starr prepared a lurid report for Congress detailing his case against Bill Clinton. At first blush, it wouldn't appear to have any relevance to the Plame scandal affecting the Bush White House, but I was reviewing the Starr report recently and something jumped out at me. After he laid out the 'narrative' of Clinton's alleged transgressions, Starr wrote a section he called 'Grounds.' In it, Starr details what he described as 'acts that may constitute grounds for an impeachment.' There were 11 in all, most of which dealt with Clinton's grand jury testimony and remarks during a deposition in Paula Jones' civil suit. But the last of the grounds for impeachment went a little further. …"
Hmmm… impeachment. Sounds like a just idea. Let's re-restore integrity to the White House.

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