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Friday, September 16, 2005

To Whom is Bushco Speaking?

Katrina's Unsung Victims:John is a young man with striking, movie-star looks who arrived at the shelter alone, as his wife had died in the storm. He cried in my arms. Bruce is a retired professor of comparative literature. Randolph is a cook who'd worked for decades at the New Orleans fairgrounds and then at Mike Anderson's, a popular seafood restaurant. Barry and Sylvia had a landscaping business.

Not one of them has a home to go back to, investments to fall back on, or much in the way of savings or insurance. No pension funds; no IRAs; no stocks or bonds or country club memberships or family compounds in Maine or vacations in Europe or facelifts or Pilates classes or an opportunity to go back to school and finally get that doctorate in philosophy or the history of art.

When the wealthy, psychopathic corporations and their large stockholders lobby for laws like the recent bankruptcy laws and the tax breaks for bad debts for creditcard pushers, these issues come home to roost on the shoulders of these when our social fabric rips.

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