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Monday, September 12, 2005

Retire the Cowboy

Osama and Katrina - New York Times: "On the day after 9/11, I was in Jerusalem and was interviewed by Israeli TV. The reporter asked me, 'Do you think the Bush administration is up to responding to this attack?' As best I can recall, I answered: 'Absolutely. One thing I can assure you about these guys is that they know how to pull the trigger.' … Well, if 9/11 is one bookend of the Bush administration, Katrina may be the other. If 9/11 put the wind at President Bush's back, Katrina's put the wind in his face. If the Bush-Cheney team seemed to be the right guys to deal with Osama, they seem exactly the wrong guys to deal with Katrina — and all the rot and misplaced priorities it's exposed here at home. These are people so much better at inflicting pain than feeling it, so much better at taking things apart than putting them together, so much better at defending 'intelligent design' as a theology than practicing it as a policy."

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