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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina Nights

Editor's Note: Our friend Chriss is posting from the hurricane devastation using his Blackberry device. We will be adjusting spelling which can go awry on these devices. His home is north of Lake Pontchartrain and his mother and brother live(d) in Slidell.

I am in the lucky suburb of Madisonville outside New Orleans

My street has never had street lights but funny how porch lights and the glow of the tube adds to the ambient light. That comfort is replaced by the hum of generators. My uncle has wired my house to run on one of these so we can sleep in the comfort of fans. Our bodies are tired and our minds have turned to humor to keep from crying. Like what buildings will make great fishing holes.

In Slidell, where my mother's home seeps with the remnants of flood waters, the stench is begining and the mosquitos are multiplying exponentially. My brother identified three bodies today at a business that tried to ride it out

Finally the residents of St. Bernard parish have begin to boat out through canals and lakes to where we live. Their desperation is piled en mass aboard each vessel.

I am lucky I get to sweat and work on recoverable properties. I get to do this. Chriss Cazayoux

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