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Thursday, May 19, 2005

In Defense of Newsweek: Other Voices

Cutting to the Chase: In Defense of Newsweek: Other Voices: "critics of the administration -- whether it's an entity as serious as CBS News or as inconsequential as Bill Maher -- becomes Public Enemy No. 1. The White House attack machine is the Nixon White House on Red Bull and steroids."
As I stated in a comment to the Chase commentary (and he has a bit more to say), it is beyond belief that an article in Newsweek, no matter how provocative, could spark a riot in a vaccuum. A single publication is not responsible for setting up the circumstances for this event. It took the concerted effort of years of the Bush/Cheney government to bring us to this point. Molly Ivins has a few points to make in this regard. Hat tip to Mainstream Baptist for this article.

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