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Friday, December 31, 2004

Prodigality as a Moral Value: $40M

The New York Times > Washington > Price of Bush Inauguration Party Is Too Rich for Some: "The Presidential Inaugural Committee raised at least $8 million through last week toward a tab that could top $40 million. Most of the money is coming from wealthy individuals and corporations, which can contribute up to $250,000. In return, top inaugural donors get stacks of tickets to events and admission to a special lunch with the president. The money collected from fund-raisers by LogiCom, which has a contract with the Republican National Committee, will similarly be used to offset the costs of various inauguration festivities."
This party is going to be conducted while hundreds of thousands die and more will die in the Asian disaster. This party is going to be conducted for a price tag of $40,000,000 while the US initially only offered $15,000,000 in aid. Only when it was pointed out how awful this was did the aid increase to $35,000,000. There are many who observe this reality. This is Moral Values America. This is caring for the needy. This is the values of the Christian Religion™ in action. One finds it hard to imagine how this First Christian manages to square all this with his founder. Jesus was a great teacher, but it appears Yale professors are not the only teachers from whom there has been little learning.

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