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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Morality battles Faith

The True Values of The Day (washingtonpost.com): How many among the cardinals and bishops and pastors and preachers and televangelists who now enjoy favor in high places would have the courage to do what Archbishop Romero did? In fairness, how many of the rest of us would? Isn't that a question of values?
As I have mentioned before (2004-12-24-10:00), the moral fiber of our country is very much at issue because of the lack of integrity on display in the corridors of power. Many have argued that morality is not derived from the imagination of faith, but from the practical and substantive immediacy of our lives. On the other side of this argument stand many that would favor theocracy or at least argue for the infusion of religion into the function of government. One of their tenents is that morality requires faith. If the current Administration and a majority of the current Congress are people of strong faith, as is posited, then this would be a clear and living denunciation of the argument that morality grows from faith. In fact, based on the current performance, I would suggest that morality is in a constant battle with the ignorance and fear of Western faith traditions.

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