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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

College Fails in Bid to Grow Marijuana

The New York Times > National > College Fails in Bid to Grow Marijuana: "But Dr. Lyle E. Craker, the professor of plant biology at the University of Massachusetts who applied for the license three years ago, said researchers complained that the government's marijuana was weak and that it was hard to get permission to use it. 'We wanted to have a source independent from the government and with a known potency so doctors can run clinical trials,' he said. Researchers would still have needed D.E.A. permission to work with the drug." Oh, honestly. This is just typical. But, what can one expect when the chief executive of the executive branch is an anti-intellectual. Someone who doesn't read.

We certainly would not want to let scientists do any research! Why would you need to do any research? Surely it is obvious that what is true is true even when what is true is not substantiated with evidence?!? Why, I just don't understand what these scientists in that awful den of iniquity, Massachusetts, could hope to discover that any god-fearing person doesn't already know. Knowledge is always revealed to us by God. That's why it is important to indoctrinate your children, because The Lord is revealed.
Beware the comfort of ignorance. It is the poison of the polity; the redaction of reason; the pariah of peace. Beware.

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