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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

All Hat, No Cattle

Editor's Cut: "[Time's reason for awarding Bush Person of the Year] sounds like a polite way of saying, Bush proved you can be a really rotten president and still get reelected. As Texans say, the man is 'all hat, no cattle.' And Time fell for it hook, line and sinker."
It really is a remarkably uninspired choice to nominate Shrub as the Person of the Year. It would seem a stretch to come up with anything inspiring or interesting about the man. Read the van Heuvel post for a remarkably succinct listing of what a wonderful leader Shrub has been.
I have been reading the justification from Time for their remarkably awful choice of 2004 Person of the Year. Shocking. It is one thing to acknowledge that the man did win, but it is something else entirely to speak as if it were a strong win, a ringing endorsement, a mandate. This is the sort of pandering behavior that will continue to cement the totalitarian delusions of the current administration. We defeated Hitler in World War II, but we apparently learned little from the experience.

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