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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Constitution and the Rule of Law

Paul Craig Roberts: From Conservatives to Brownshirts: "A woman in the audience told Barr that the Constitution placed Bush above the law and above non-elected federal judges. These statements gallop beyond the merely partisan. They express the sentiments of brownshirtism. Our leader uber alles. … There are only two reasons for Bush to refuse to obey the law. One is that he is guilty of illegitimate spying for which no warrant would be issued by the FISA court. The other is that he is using 'national security' to create unconstitutional powers for the executive."
With a hat-tip to Motherlode at NoMoreApples, I thought this an excellent article by a former Reagan appointee. At the very least, we must see a change in tone and position from this Administration, or the foundation of this government will be undermined. The Constitution is a robust organizational tool as long as we all agree to work within it. If the powerful choose to disregard it, chaos is a certainty.

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