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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Remodeling Progress

Well, there is probably no one still visiting my blog, but that's okay as I made a special point of beginning this website with the plan that it was for posting on issues and topics that were of interest to me, so I hope some of you come back, but I'm not trying to compete with Crooks and Liars or the Daily Kos or Talking Points Memo. Or No More Apples who does an excellent job tracking down news. The house remodel is going well! We have completed the plumbing rough-in and finished out the plumbing in one of the bathrooms (waiting on a toilet in the other). The kitchen cabinets are fabulous! Our carpenter, Mark Aud, is remarkable. The cabinets are perfect for the space and he built them on site with careful adjustments made for our 87-year old not-so-square walls. We have tiled the new bath and the new shower-tub in the old bath and we are doing a lot of painting now while we wait for the cabinet doors to arrive, the artist to stain the cabinets, then granite and finally the wood floors in the upstairs bedroom and kitchen will be refinished. It has been an adventure, to say the least. Now if we could just start remodeling the government and remove years of corrupt Republican mis-management, there would be more hope for the country. With a President who is above the law and supported in his superiority by a captive media, there is reason to fear the end of this Great Experiment.

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