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Monday, November 28, 2005

No More Tax Exemptions

CREW FILES IRS COMPLAINT AGAINST JAMES DOBSON'S FOCUS ON THE FAMILY - CREW: " Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) today filed an Internal Revenue Services (IRS) complaint against Focus on the Family, a conservative, non-profit organization led by its Founder and Chairman James C. Dobson. The complaint asks for the IRS to investigate activities by the group which may violate IRS regulations and require a revocation of its tax-exempt status."
The blatant election work of people like the repugnant James Dobson bring up an interesting question. Here at Existential Ramble, we are increasingly of the opinion that no organization should be exempt from taxation. It could be possible to arrange for tax deductions for certain specific activities such as feeding the poor, however most activities of most religious organizations that are currently tax exempt, do not actually benefit society in a way that justifies their exemption from taxation. If anything, there is a stronger argument for the exemption of businesses due to their benefit to society than there is for most non-profit, tax-exempt organizations. Mind you, we are hardly suggesting the exemption of businesses. There is far too much corporate welfare in this supposedly capitalist system already.

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