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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Facts for Bu$hco Veteran's Day Speech

TrueMajority: "In his Veterans' Day speech, President Bush said anyone who tries to rewrite the history of the Iraq War is 'deeply irresponsible.' We couldn't agree more. Here are some of the historical facts: 1) 57% of Americans say Bush Misled Public on Iraq: 'NBC/WSJ poll shows president at new lows in all job approval categories' MSNBC, Nov. 9th http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9981177/ 2) Senators did not investigate whether political influence tainted the presentation of intelligence." 3) Italian Secret Service knew key Iraq intelligence was falsified, and told U.S. officials before the war "Italian lawmaker: U.S. told of WMD forgeries" Associated Press 4) The United Nations Security Council specifically did not adopt a resolution endorsing the U.S invasion, which was therefore illegal aggression under international law. 5) White House withheld intelligence data. Specifically, the Administration withheld or repressed portions of intelligence documents which questioned and contradicted the excerpts being used to promote the war. 6) Congressional Iraq resolution was not aimed at removing Saddam from power. At the time the resolution was passed, the Administration was claiming the war was all about weapons of mass destruction.

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