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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Reduce Income and Increase Expenses

The Wrong-Way Congress - New York Times: "At a minimum, you'd think the party would want to demonstrate that it had moved beyond Mr. DeLay's philosophy that Congress should feel free to break the bank with out-of-control spending and tax cuts for the wealthy as long as it made G.O.P. contributors happy. But no. Members of the Republican caucus rushed into an emergency repair session and - quite amazingly - opted to continue their shabby business as usual. In choosing Representative Roy Blunt of Missouri as Mr. DeLay's immediate replacement, the members presented as their new face of leadership still another political wheeler-dealer best known for his deep ties to Washington's corporate lobbying industry. A hand-groomed prot´e;g´e; of Mr. DeLay, Mr. Blunt promises no change in the retrogressive Republican program that has polarized the nation and driven generations of taxpayers into deeper national debt. Sycophantic supporters are already praising the new majority leader as more of a 'conciliator,' with a lighter touch and 'more approachable' personality - as if the lawmakers' challenge were all about their own intramural peace rather than the nation's fraying commonweal."

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