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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mr. Will Asks Questions of Mr. Roberts

Some Questions For the Nominee: "In 1798, just seven years after the First Amendment was added to the Constitution, Federalists, then a congressional majority, said the Sedition Act was compatible with the amendment because freedom of speech meant only freedom from prior restraint — from prohibitions on speaking — not freedom from subsequent punishment for what was said. However, Republicans such as Albert Gallatin said it is 'preposterous to say that to punish a certain act was not an abridgement of the liberty of doing that act.' Is the fact that Gallatin's view has prevailed a defeat for 'originalism'? If so, aren't you glad?"
Lord know, George and I don't always agree, but I always appreciate a thinker with intellectual honesty. Can we have Mr. Will as a guest questioner at the Congressional Hearings?

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