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Monday, September 12, 2005

Dr. Pants Accountability List

My friend, Dr. Pants, offered this remarkably pithy list of that for which we need to hold Bu$hco accountable.

Couldn't Say It Any Better
  • Getting us into an unwinnable war? Check.
  • Turning a giant surplus into a massive deficit? Check.
  • Tax cuts for everybody who doesn't need them? Check.
  • Completely disregarding the seperation of church and state? Check.
  • Putting his friends into jobs where they can screw up spectacularly, ending in lots of death? Check.
  • Telling you and I that even asking questions, wanting solutions, demanding accountability is somehow killing America? Check.
It is not a game and it is not about blame. It is about accountability. Job accountability, ethical accountability, moral accountability. The lies must end.

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