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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Cover-up Continues

Walking the Wrong Way - New York Times: "The Bush administration took the nation to war on the basis of a bundle of ever-changing arguments, few of which stood up once the fighting began. Ever since, the White House has tried to shore up its positions by discounting all bad news and shielding the civilian public from any war-connected inconvenience. But that strategy has very clearly stopped working. It is time for a somber acceptance of the war's costs, and some specific talk about what the nation's goals and strategy are in Iraq."
I have a dear friend whose father was fascinated by the cover-up surrounding the Kennedy Assassination. He was not a conspiracy theorist of the typical variety. He did not subscribe to any particularly implausible or peculiar theories about the event, but he did feel that based on his rather extensive reading and research into the subject, that there was a cover-up. I mention this only because it seems to me that the current Administration is working on out-doing the cover-up that (may) have surrounded the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. If the truth about the Iraq War ever breaks out into the open, it will be a new measurement of the pits of political opportunism. Even when presented with evidence, the American public has been loathe to confront the issue and looking for ways to avoid dealing with the perfidy of their leaders. Be warned, gentle reader, that this is exactly how the Catholic church spiraled out of control on the subject of sexually abusing children. For many years, it was always possible to pretend that there was nothing wrong with the organization or the leadership. Only when it was simply not possible to avoid the realities that had been known for years did the house of cards begin to collapse. This could be a metaphor at least for the future of the current Administration. Let us hope it is not a foretelling for the country.

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