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Monday, July 04, 2005

Theocracy Destroys Faith

TCS: Tech Central Station - Turning Faith Into Elevator Music: "I'm a Christian. I believe the Bible is a true account of who God is and who we are. I believe the Ten Commandments lie at the core of wisdom. I believe the Incarnation, the event all those manger scenes celebrate is incomparably the best and most important event in human history. If it matters, I even voted for George W. Bush, twice. So if anyone should want the Ten Commandments in state capitols and 'in God we trust' on the coins and manger scenes on courthouse lawns, I should. But I don't want any of those things. I'd much rather give them back. … Symbols like the ones the Supreme Court haggled about give the impression that Christianity and the government are somehow in cahoots with each other. That's a dangerous impression, and a false one. It's a small step from the idea that the government endorses Christianity to an idea that is much worse: that Christianity endorses the government. Christians are the big losers in that transaction. Western Europe is filled with Christian symbols -- Christian Democrats are a leading political party in several countries -- but almost entirely devoid of Christians. Christianity does not thrive when political parties take its name and capitol lawns showcase its precepts. On the contrary, it thrives when it stays as far from those things as possible." -William J. Stuntz
I am not a Christian. I don't believe what Christians typically recite in their creeds. But I do believe that the worst thing that can happen to Christianity is theocracy. It will destroy the very thing Christians hold dear. Inform your morality with your Christianity, but if you decorate your government with Christianity, all you will have is a bloody legacy that denies your faith and rejects the teachings of your founder. History has spoken.

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