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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Existential Ramble Status

Greetings, gentle reader. As my regular readers know (all four of them), when events at work press upon me, I tend to blog little. I'm not even paying attention to the Supreme Court appointment process. Shocking, I know, but the fact is that it hardly helps me to lobby my senators given that both of them are utterly intractable and one of them has proven himself, in correspondence to me, an insufferably arrogant pedant. I will be celebrating my wedding on 30 July and that too is taking up much bandwidth. Happy bandwidth, however. I hope all my readers will come celebrate with us. If you did not receive a formal invitation, this is only because I often know not who you are or do not have your address. Email me and I'll send you the details. Ciao, -LiteraryTech

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