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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oklahoma Outlaws Gay People

Hold On to Your Brain!, June 11, 2005: "'There's no sex in [King and King] but what the book does is it encourages the lifestyle of homosexuality, which is against the law here in Oklahoma ,' Kern claims, 'because we passed a state law, a constitutional amendment that says marriage is to be defined between one man and one woman. In this book two men get married and so it is going against the law in Oklahoma .' "
I know this will surprise many who thought the recent constitutional amendment was supposed to defend the special status of those elite people who fall in love with members of the opposite sex, but apparently, according to Representative Kern, the recent constitutional amendment was intended to outlaw gay people. Apparently, Rep. Kern has no interest or respect for the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association or the American Pediatric Association. All of these deliberative bodies have examined all the available evidence and reject the notion that anyone chooses to be gay. Apparently, despite some considerable exposure to higher learning, Rep Kern has choosen to maintain ignorance over education, bigotry over understanding, hate over love. So, in case you did not know, being gay is outlawed in the state of Oklahoma by constitutional amendment. Oh, and while we are about it, does this constitutional amendment that outlaws the supposed "gay lifestyle" also outlaw the marriages conducted by several churches in the state? The Unitarian Universalist churches marry gay people. Are we outlawing religious practices now? Before you sigh and dismiss my observations, please take careful note: this woman is an elected representative to the legislature of the state of Oklahoma. She is a long way from being alone in her perspectives. Regardless of your political interests, regardless of your religious beliefs, regardless of your skin color, be aware that you might be different from Rep Kern. You might be next.

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