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Monday, June 06, 2005

Memorial Day Address by Brian T. Hart

Minstrel Boy: Memorial Day Address by Brian T. Hart: "It should be unacceptable that wounded are sent anonymously to Walter Reed without name or acknowledgement by their neighbors or government. It is unacceptable for generals to dishevel the truth; to fail to provide the troops with the tools they need to finish the job. It should be unacceptable for analysts to distort intelligence, or for leaders to lie because it is expedient. It is wrong to hide the costs of war. To break the faith with the public is to break the faith with the dead who gave so much. It is wrong not to speak in a democracy. Democracy cannot fear discourse or dissent. Silence is deadly. It has become too easy to send another man's son to war."
And it is still a field of lies and deceptions at Bu$hco Headquarters. We still need answers to the Downing Street Memo. Hat tip to Motherlode for this gem.

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