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Friday, May 13, 2005

What Undermines Civilization?

My Totally Gay Boy Scout Leader / The tormented Republican mayor of Spokane might have molested young boys. Boys like, well, Mark Morford: "Here's what does it. Here's what makes West and people like him rife with potential for, well, some of the nastiest and most dishonest and dangerous abuses humans are capable of. It's the ability to ignore the incredible hypocrisy of your own life, the staggering amount of self-loathing, the pathetic insincerity. It's the ability to join a political party that not only openly loathes, but actually violently condemns, your choice in sexual partners, a sexually ignorant platform that claims to have some sort of direct line to a gay-hating war-loving God, and then, in the middle of who knows how many gay affairs, to feel no shame as you step right up and endorse that exact same hateful agenda as public policy. It's the fact that, in West's case, you can still sleep at night after you've voted against gay love and railed against healthy teen sex and bashed women's rights and criticized adult/youth sex when you are, in fact, so confused and lost and deeply engaged in much of it yourself that it's very likely your mangled, hypocritical mind has lost the ability to distinguish between informed, consensual, happily kinky adult relationships and, say, abusing the honest trust of a pre-teen boy. Or, for that matter, many boys. Join that party and toe that line and swallow that nasty doctrine and spit it out into the world like oozing red-meat dogma while you secretly use your power to lure in teenagers and men for sex, and I don't put anything past you, Jim. To my mind, you're capable of anything. Anything at all. "
Jesus had a lot to say about hypocrisy. Where is the religious right now? What's the problem? No fear that this sort of behavior might drag down civilization? No, I guess we need to be concerned about the detrimental effects of legal equality between my committed relationship with my fiance (our wedding is in July) and those of most of my neighbors. We apparently need to be concerned about the scandalous behavior of my loving another person, building a life with him, caring for an elderly relative, going to work, visiting with friends, going to church. Yeah. Right.

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