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Sunday, March 13, 2005

What do animals have to do with the same-sex marriage debate?

MSNBC - Connected Coast-to-Coast: Ron Regan, Jr.: "Now you know what this debate means: Let the gay-bashing begin. Named the fave right wing sport for several years running, gay-bashing always gets a big boost from the so-called 'gay marriage' debate. Much of it is entirely predictable, even kind of amusing. Homophobes don't seem to get what the rest of us are hip to-- that the people most worked up about other folk's sexuality tend to be insecure about their own. Their lips may say 'sanctity of marriage' but we hear 'closet case.' … Two obvious thought arise: First, the two issues are entirely unrelated. On the one hand you have two humans wanting to get hitched; on the other, a drunken farmer and outraged sheep. Second, these people need help and we're not talking a trip to the petting zoo. A word of advice to the gay-unfriendly fringe: ix-nay on the animal stuff. Whatever point you're trying to make, this can't be helping. And besides, it's just plain creepy."

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