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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Consider the Corporate Media

A Master Morality: "Moral considerations aside, the success of Bush, Inc. is a truly remarkable accomplishment. Here is a system that deliberately and systematically extracts wealth from the vast majority of citizens that produce that wealth, as it simultaneously withdraws public services from those citizens. And yet, those citizens tolerate this abuse, and in some cases even enthusiastically support their abusers. How is this possible? The answer lies, at its foundation, with the fact that Bush, Inc. controls the media and thus the message heard and seen by a credulous public. The message is propped up by a horde of 'experts' issuing forth from right-wing 'think tanks.' With this advantage, the regime surrounds itself with a bodyguard of myths. Among them"
Dr. Partridge has a tendency toward inflammatory language that I think might be distracting to some of my friends, so consider yourself warned and try to sort through the polemics. His thesis about moral imperialism is interesting and his observations about the collapse of journalism are consistent with my own.

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