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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Arrogance in Full Swing

Yahoo! News - Bush: Much 'Educating' to Do on Soc. Sec.: "In state after state along President Bush's Social Security road campaign, hand-picked audiences cheer him, leaving the impression that the nation wholeheartedly backs his ideas for reform. The reality is different. &hellips; 'I want everybody involved in the process to know that I believe the American people are going to determine the fate of this issue,' Bush said. 'I intend to take my message out week after week after week so the people can hear it.' "
Arrogance seems to be the watchword for the current administration. The use of police action to manage crowds and enforce agreement at public spectacles seems one of the more overbearing and un-American actions of the current temporary occupant of the White House. Developing an impression of superiority through the refusal to listen to critics and then making presumptuous claims about how things are supposed to be. It seems the Liar in Chief is also the very embodiment of arrogance.

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