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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Vote Protest: Clean Up Our Own Backyard

Boxer delays presidential vote count with protest / Senator, colleague object to Ohio tally -- Electoral College confirmation held up: Boxer's move… made many of her Democratic colleagues uncomfortable and drew biting criticism from Republicans, particularly in the House. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas said the effort to delay Bush's victory was shameful…
First, why would any self-respecting member of Congress be uncomfortable by an effort to make sure republican democracy is functioning well in the United States? In what sense could it be a problem that the United States of America should safeguard our vote? Are they made uncomfortable by the possibility that we might have some work to do in this area? They should be. How can we point out the irregularities of other nations when we are guilty of this in our own country? Of course, if we were honest about these irregularities and worked assiduously toward their amelioration, then it is not a problem if we point out such to others who likewise strive to involve all humans in the process. In fact, we should welcome the observations and assistance of our democracy-minded fellows from around the world. Finally, a note about Mr. Delay DeLay. First, he completely misses the point, and since I do not think he is stupid, this must be calculation. The point is not to delay Shrub's victory. This is inevitable, and this year, an actual victory. The point is to draw attention to a problem in which, if Mr. DeLay had any honor or moral values, he should be equally active. It is really especially rich that Mr. Delay can use the word shameful in a sentence when he is such a model for the concept.

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