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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Presidential Immorality

Editor's Cut: Republicans will descend on Washington, DC, wearing furs, boots and Stetsons, and partying like the Hollywood stars (they love to loathe) at festivities that will cost some $40 million to host--or $25 million more than the first pledge of US assistance to victims of the tsunami.
Disgusting. Apalling. Offensive. Prodigal. Sinful. Criminal. Contemptible. Immoral.
Free Republic: Some Now Question Cost of InaugurationWhile the Presidential Inaugural Committee hopes to raise $40 million in private donations for the balls, parades and candlelight dinners for high-roller donors, millions of government dollars will be spent on construction of the platform and stands at the Capitol, police overtime, military personnel and the tightest security for the first post-Sept. 11 inaugural. [emphasis mine]
Abuse of public funds.

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