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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Mythological Connections

I may be a bit spotty this week due to a national meeting with my employer. My brain is currently spinning on Joseph Campbell's work Primitive Mythology.

And though many who bow with closed eyes in the sanctuaries of their own tradition rationally scrutinize and disqualify the sacraments of others, an honest comparison immediately reveals that all have been built from one fund of mythological motifs—variously selected, organized, interpreted, and ritualized, according to local need, but revered by every people on earth.
Should we not give more serious reflection and consideration to the concept of a global mythos? Would it not be possible, in the face of this profound connection between our mythologies, to create an underlying mythology that does not tear down any specific system, but most importantly does not allow for the tearing down of any specific mythological system?

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