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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Finding the Sprig Within the Shrub

"The president said, 'It's my party. I want junior people, and I don't want them overwhelmed by the brass,' " said Brig Gen. Duane J. Lodrige of the Air Force, the chief military officer planning inaugural events. New York Times
On the surface, one might suppose that this is about the military, but one has to ask if this is the same military whose dead have only been returned to the grieving under cover of night. One has to ask if the idea of honoring the military is consistent with an attitude that says "It's my party." Of course, this critic of the extravagence of the Inaugural festivities is not the slightest but interested in the fact that we are prosecuting an unjust war. While this is a subject of some interest, is is not germane to the point. Extravagence is not okay except when we are at war. It isn't okay because it creates envy, wastes resources, and weakens the state.

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