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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Fighting without Interest

The New York Times > National > Few but Organized, Iraq Veterans Turn War Critics: "People would just come up to me and say, 'How'd you lose your arm?' " Mr. Acosta said. "And I'd say, 'In the war.' And they would be like, 'What war?' "
It must not be too important. What War? It is the general public response that matches the big question. Why War? Which is the question that leaves the lie of "Moral Values" out where we can see it. In many ways, the current administration seems to be one of distraction. They prosecuted a campaign on a minority group with utter cynicism. In doing so, they suceeded in directing the general public toward the easily connecting topic of sexuality to divert attention from the more abstract topic of foreign policy and war. The current incumbent has lied and deceived the American public, yet the public is not outraged. Why no outrage? There is no outrage, because the topic is not something personal. People are personally connected to the topic of sexuality, so it makes for a topic that generates some passion. The American People, in general, are not connected to war. It is not something personal. And thus the great divide between the claims of moral values and the apparent distraction from the substance of morality. There is no question that an unjust war is immoral. There is no question that manipulating truth to deceive is a lie. There is no question that a lie is immoral. Yet we hear little from the loudest of those who propose to be religiously motivated. The loudest of those who call themselves Christians seem largely unconcerned with the horrors perpetrated by this Administration. They cannot seems to see these issues. And yet many who call themselves Christian can see these issues. In many ways, this seems a testament to the depth and value of their faith. As Mainstream Baptist points out "key decision-makers have determined that Jesus' command to let the tares grow together with the wheat was ill-advised." Indeed.

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