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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Class Warfare and the Fall of Rome

This is Class Warfare: "We cannot deny that we now live in a global world that is becoming more and more interconnected. … How can pockets of prosperity survive in a world where geography is becoming less and less important? … Its cynical, its deliberate and its very effective. Instead of talking about real economic concerns we'll get people all fired up about religion, gays, abortion, guns and immigrants. While I respect people's strong opinions on these subjects and I love to debate them as much as the next guy, at the end of the day these are not the real agenda items…"
I must say that I agree with a good bit of what Bruce says here. I do, however, think that he is missing part of the real danger in our current situation. The disparity between our wealth and the resources of other groups around the world is a source of enormous concern. We are so blind to our own wealth it is rather shocking. We talk about our struggles in this country, and while they are real, they are nothing compared to the struggles of our conterparts in most other countries. The disparity between our wealth here, driven by these multinational corporate interests, and the poverty of other parts of the world, this disparity may be our downfall much as it was the downfall of the Roman Empire.

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