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Friday, December 17, 2004

The Persecution of Christians

The New York Times > Arts > Frank Rich: 2004: The Year of 'The Passion': ...it's only a matter of time before someone uncovers an anti-Christian plot in 'White Christmas.' It avoids any mention of religion and it was, as William Donohue might be the first to point out, written by a secular Jew.
Mr. Rich has a way of filling his column with actual journalism. You may not recognize it, but this is when a professional actually researches the issues.
[ibid]Mr. Sharpton doesn't even have a congregation; like Mr. Falwell, he is a politician first, a religious leader second (or maybe fourth or fifth). Gary Bauer and James Dobson are also secular political figures, not religious leaders, yet they are more frequently called upon to play them on television than actual clergy are.
Invoking the shroud of religion can lead to some powerful rhetoric. Tread with care, for history tells us the story of the shroud of religion becoming the shroud of death for millions.

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