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Friday, December 17, 2004

My, it is getting DRAFTy in here...

The New York Times -- Washington -- Guard Reports Serious Drop in Enlistment: [The Army National Guard has] fallen 30 percent below its recruiting goals in the last two months and [will] offer new incentives, including enlistment bonuses of up to $15,000. In addition, the head of the National Guard Bureau, Lt. Gen. H Steven Blum, said on Thursday that he needed $20 billion to replace arms and equipment destroyed in Iraq and Afghanistan or left there for other Army and Air Guard units to use, so that returning reservists will have enough equipment to deal with emergencies at home.
20 BILLION Do you feel safer? Do you feel safer knowing that most of the US military is tied up in Iraq? Do you feel safer knowing that the National Guard is short 20 BILLION dollars worth of arms and equipment? Do you? Do you feel safer knowing that the volunteer army is having trouble finding volunteers? If you are under 25, you really should not feel all that safe. It only takes some shouting that questions the patriotism of negative votes, and that form you filled out when you turned 18 becomes a lot more real.

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