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Monday, December 13, 2004

Giuliani Apologized to Bush for Kerik

Guardian Unlimited World Latest Giuliani Apologized to Bush for Kerik I think it is concerning that this sort of thing is even necessary. It strikes me as indicative of the arrogance of Shrub and the way he is held as a sacred totem. Why should Giuliani apologize? Shouldn't Shrub apologize to the American public for not doing his homework on this candidate? The infallibility of the top of the hierarchy is a dangerous tendency that is indicative of the failing nature of the institution. Evidence the promulgation of such by the Vatican in the wake of the loss of the Papal States. It strikes me as a singluarly religious foolishness to be concerned about infallibility of any sort. The monotheistic occidental theologies seem to display the worst of these tendencies. In adopting, so many years ago, the concept of a singularity in the divine, this theological tradition seems to have made the collective leap to the singularity of action and choice by the omnipotent deity. There is only one right answer. This sense of singularity and infallibility seems to be transferred by the Right to Shrub. Is it not indicative of the influence of the Religious Right? We must gaurd against the growth of these theocratic tendencies or we will indeed find our Great Experiment smashed on the evil rocks from which many fled in establishing this polity.

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