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Monday, December 13, 2004

Four more years of decline

Four more years of decline: "Only six weeks after his victory, the vibrations continue euphoric going on triumphalist. Depressed Democrats wonder if they could ever win again. Pundits ponder theses about eternal Republican hegemony. Talk is of more Bush power, more neoconservative solutions, more variations on a narrow and occasionally alarming agenda. But is that quite what unfolding events tell us?" [Peter Preston, The Guardian] Is is possible that we have reached the end of the road for denial politics? With a win where a fervant half of the population rejected his candidacy, Shrub has strutted as if he was possessor of, what was it he was going to spend? ah, yes, political capital. It seems to me a favorite tactic of the Right to deny or ignore what is inconvenient or outside "the message." While this has some powerful effects, it is also a short-term way to operate the government. I have and continue to agree with Mr. Preston's assessment. We can expect little from Shrub. It shall not grow to the stature of the original bush, and it most certainly will not be a tree.

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