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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Fighting Words for a Secular America

Ms. Magazine Fighting Words for a Secular America: Ashcroft & Friends vs. George Washington & the Framers: Alert: Americans who honor the U.S. Constitution's strict separation of church and state are now genuinely alarmed. Agnostics and atheists, as well as observant people of every faith, fear -- sensibly -- that the religious right is gaining historic political power, via an ultraconservative movement with highly placed friends. But many of us feel helpless. We haven't read the Founding Documents since school (if then). We lack arguing tools, "verbal karate" evidence we can cite in defending a secular United States.
This article is a must-read. Robin Morgan in Ms. Magazine, has clearly laid out the basics in understanding the secular nature of the United States. Regardless of your position for or against a Christian theocracy (whose Chrisitianity is a big question), you should understand the facts concerning the intent and thinking of the Framers. Understand your history, your rights, your obligations and defend them, for you could lose everything. Silence = Death

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