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Friday, December 24, 2004

Elaborate Shows of Faith

Elaborate Shows of Faith (washingtonpost.com): "According to Associate Pastor Kevin Matthews, the 15 performances cost $524,000 and were attended by more than 32,000 people. Such productions are increasingly common because of the growing number of large churches in the Washington area."
One is shocked by this sort of blatant materialism from an organization and religion that proposes to be about helping the poor and doing good. One understands that many Christians are moral people and that many believe their religion to be the foundation of their morality, but in my life, this is immoral. If the message were consistent with the teachings of Jesus, this kind of money would be allocated as $24,000 for the overt marketing and advertising effort, and $500,000 (one half million dollars) allocated for the feeding the hungry of the world. And that may even be too much. What a shockingly prodigal waste of resources.

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